Производство на мебели с уникална визия за всеки дом, с внимание към детайлите и индивидуланите желания на клинетите ни.

Louise Collection

Louise Bedroom Collection is in a provincial style in ivory white. It is made of solid wood and MDF with a paint finish. The collection brings cosiness and elegance and it combines both modern and antique style.

LA Collection

Made from solid wood with a hand-painted, highly polished finish and distressed edges, the LA Collection will complement any number of interior styles.

Oak Dream

Solid Oak Collection. The masterpiece of all collections. It is done from solid oak wood, with different types of stained finish. We bring the traditional charm and warmth of the wood to life combining it with a modern design.

Brooklyn Collection

The Brooklyn cabinets are made of solid wood and MDF and are finished in white, black or combinations with rustic wood.  The Brooklyn Collection consists of two-door, three-door, four-door buffets and dressers, as well as a bookcase with open shelves. Other variations might be done as well.

Adi Collection

Adi collection is mosty from wooden beech furniture items. The varnish can be different. The collection aims for a more traditional look. You acn see the wood itself and feel its warmth.

Diana Collection

The collection consists of items that are mainly from pine.  Covered with base coat, varnish and finished with patina for a distressed look.

Class Collection

Class Collection consists of furniture items that are made of wood, with RAL paint and a smokey rustic aging effect.

Beta Collection

A modern collection of MDF (some with combinations of wood) furniture items. A chouce of different colors and lacquers.

Rustic Collection of Tables

A high-class collection of massive all solid wood designer tables. Made from oak or pine. With rustic effect and with different finishes-white wash, rustic light and dark grey, brown and more. These are our own best-sellers of tables - durable and with unique style. The top is all solid wood, thick,  the legs also, and it all brings the beauty of the natural 

Marieta Collection

Traditional solid wood collection. It is originally done from beech wood, but is can also be done by the client's wish. The choice of color is vast as we work with many suppliers of varnishes.

Portland Collection

Portland Collection is made of MDF and solid wood. The lines are mostly straight and lean. It is suitable for kid's and teenagers' rooms, or for anyone who prefers a modren look. It is originally done in all white paint, but the color can be doe by the clients' wish.

Provancale Collection

Provancale Collection speaks for itself. The furniture items are white and delicately disstressed on the edges. The material is solid wood with fine curves and a romantic look.


Мебелите, които ще обикнете.

“ДАБОРА” ЕООД е с дългогодишен опит в производството на мебели от масив, както и на мебели, комбинирани от масив и различни видове плоскости. Разполагаме с уникални видове състаряване, разработвани с години за индивидуалните желания на клиентите. Специализирани сме в обзавеждане за спални, кухни и трапезарии за дома, както и в обзавеждане за хотелски стаи и ресторанти. Качеството на продукцията си гарантираме и с висококвалифициран персонал, с изключително добре подбран дървен материал и безвредни повърхностни покрития, базирани на водни компоненти. Изработваме мебели за износ за корпоративни клиенти от Франция, Англия, Ирландия, Словения и Гърция като същевременно захранваме магазинна мрежа от уникални луксозни мебели на българския пазар.